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She Wanted Anything But a Yappy Chihuahua! Boy Was She Wrong!

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Chihuahua Stole Her Heart And She Was Changed Forever!

Megan Lodge is an animal advocate and writer and she tells the wonderful story on hers and her nana’s preconceived notions about chihuahuas. It was was totally turned upside down once they met the best chihuahua in an animal shelter and fell in love with him. 

There was a strict No-Chihuahua Rule. “They are so yappy!” “

“And they are always shaking, very badly trained and very nervous creatures!”

This is such a  beautiful story about someone who lost her beloved pet, found the perfect new one and was totally surprised that it was the opposite of what she thought she would get. She never wanted a chihuahua, but it was exactly a chihuahua who stole her heart. And all the things she didn’t like about chihuahuas turned out to be completely false with her new friend. 

It’s a great lesson to always keep our minds open to new things. Although I’m sure you already know that chihuahua’s are the best dogs…


I recently helped my grandmother say goodbye to her furry companion of nearly 16 years. Harley, a Toy Fox Terrier. Around her 16th birthday, Harley was diagnosed with cancer. She also had severe arthritis and some other health problems. Very quickly, her health declined to the point that the most humane thing to do was to let her have a peaceful goodbye.

Like most people, my has nana healed to the point where she became open to the idea of having another dog.  My nana wanted a dog like Harley.

I had seen a dog on the Tallahassee Animal Service Center’s adoption page who was simply called Empty. (As it turned out, that was because a name had not been put into the system, so the default placeholder was “Empty.”) From his picture, it was hard to get a grasp on exactly how big he was, but his ears stuck out like Harley’s had, and I thought he looked pretty cute.

chihuahua Empty


One thing we had agreed on was a “no Chihuahuas” rule. Although Empty’s breed description was “Chihuahua — Smooth Coated mix,” we were sure they had just chosen that label due to size.

“They’re just so yappy,” my nana said. “I don’t want a dog like that.”

I agreed. “They’re these shaky, nervous creatures who no one seems to be able to discipline or train,” I said. “Who wants that?”


chihuahua Jasper copy

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