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Are Chihuahua’s Really Yappy and Mean Dogs?

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We’re Busting The Myth

Ever wondered why people don’t get it right? You hear so many people talking about how they hate chihuahuas. Why? Because they have heard of someone being bitten by a chihuahua or they get annoyed because chihuahuas tend to have a higher pitched bark or they’ve encountered badly trained dogs. 

Chihuahuas are the best guard dogs, because they hear better than other dogs. They are more attentive, and they furiously protect their owner. If a chihuahua is well trained and treated like a dog instead of a human they are the best dogs ever!

They are the sweetest companions and will make your life a better life for many many years. We love that they have such a long life. More time to love them and being loved by them.

Here is the real deal  about chihuahuas. You can use these to educate others about your chihuahua.

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Phrases like, “Yappy little ankle biter,”“Small dogs are always more aggressive than big dogs” or “It’s always the small dogs that bite,” are contributing to the misconceptions and negative assumptions about Chihuahuas. This in turn can create a general negativity around dogs that have the “Chihuahua” look, causing people to potentially pass them up in shelters.

To help dispel some of these myths, here are some true facts about Chihuahuas and their mixes:


Chihuahuas bark like any other dog

Barking is part of being a dog. Chihuahuas are dogs. Many different types of dogs will bark. The amount and type of barking has much to do with the individual dog, his environment, management and training, especially early on in life. Some owners feel that while they would fully train a larger dog to not bark or act out on leash, they may not do this with a smaller dog, which may potentially contribute to excessive barking behavior. While excessive barking can occur with any dog, curbing this behavior through management and training is key, with any dog, including Chihuahuas.


Chihuahuas are not predisposed to be aggressive toward people

Human aggression is not a breed trait attributed to Chihuahuas based on the description by the American Kennel Club. While human aggression does occur in all kinds of dogs, it should never be considered to be expected in this breed. The practice of carrying small dogs often may contribute to a dog becoming anti-social. When dogs don’t get the chance to interact with people and other dogs on their own, it can cause trouble later in life. All cases of human aggression should be evaluated on an individual case by case basis and not judged by breed.


Chihuahuas are not inherently shivery, shaky or scared

The American Kennel Club states that Chihuahuas are: “Alert, projecting the ‘terrier-like’ attitudes of self importance, confidence and self-reliance.” Shivering can be a sign of a possible medical condition and should be checked by a vet. I see many confident Chihuahuas and their mixes in shelters. I also see fearful dogs, too, of all breeds. Fearful behavior in dogs can be caused by many things. It’s often due to lack of socialization.


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