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53 Rescued Chihuahuas Ready To Be Adopted in Baltimore! (With Video)

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Now Is The Time To Get Yourself A New Chi

53 chihuahuas looking for a new home! That’s a crazy amount for a one-time rescue mission.

The dogs are all well taken care of. They come from a puppy breeder who couldn’t handle all the puppies anymore.

Now BARC, the Baltimore shelter took over the 53 pups and is finding them new homes.

Some are still too young to be adopted, and some are ready to go right away.

So if you live in Baltimore or are willing to take a trip down there. Now is your time.

Check them out. They are adorable. Below are the instructions on how to adopt them.

They came by the truckload: Crates with small, furry, yippy Chihuahuas.

Fifty-three in all, the dogs were rescued from a woman whose home-breeding operation in Southwest Baltimore got out of control.

Now the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter needs to find home for them, and will make some of the dogs available for adoption Friday, with more available in subsequent days.

“The conditions were not deplorable. The dogs were being fairly decently taken care of,” Haller said. “It was really more of a situation where the number of dogs outweighed the capacity of the person to do it, and it was an unlicensed breeding operation.”

Haller said the woman cooperated with animal control officers.

“She willingly signed over the animals and that makes the situation easier,” she said.

“They’re extremely adoptable,” Brause said.

The group of 53 dogs included six female dogs nursing a total of 20 one-week-old puppies.

They’ll all go to foster homes until they’re old enough to be on their own.

The dogs are all friendly and generally healthy, though some have dental issues, Brause said.

In the meantime, many of the dogs are wagging their tails and yipping for attention in the crates lined up in the BARCS conference room. The dogs are a variety of colors — shades of white, beige and black — and some have interesting mottled patterns.

“There’s a color variety you don’t usually see in Chihuahuas,” Brause said.

Some of the 53 Chihuahuas will be adopted directly from the shelter in south Baltimore, while others might be taken to community adoption events over the weekend, Brause said.

Potential adopters can download applications from the BARCS website, baltimoreanimalshelter.org. The cost for adoption is $75.

BARCS also is accepting donations to its medical care fund to help cover the cost of spaying and neutering the Chihuahuas.



To adopt one of the rescued Chihuahas — or any other pet at BARCS — potential adopters should download and fill out an application from baltimoreanimalshelter.org before visiting the shelter. Potential adopters must be 18 years old and provide a photo identification and proof of a current address. If the adoption is approved, the adopter must pay $75 and the animal can go home the same day if it has already been spayed or neutered. The fee covers spay/neuter surgery, vaccinations and a microchip.

BARCS is located at 301 Stockholm St. and is open weekdays from 2 p.m. until 6 p.m. and on weekends from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. For information, call 410-396-4695.

check out the full article and the video here

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