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22 Frequently Asked Questions About Chihuahuas Finally Answered!

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Q: Do Chihuahuas get along with other breeds and/or cats?

A: Most Chihuahuas, if brought home as puppies, will get along with other animals, no matter what kind of animal they are, just fine. They grow up with them and they tend to do fine. However, an older Chihuahua may not do as well with other breeds and/or cats. Chi’s will almost always do fine with other Chi’s though, no matter what their ages.


Q: Can you litter box train a Chihuahua?

A: Some people have successfully litter box trained Chihuahuas, so the answer is yes, it can be done. However, you must begin litter box training while they are still very young puppies. In our     experience, litter box training an older Chihuahua is nearly impossible. That seems to be because they want to scratch at the litter and it goes flying. But we have also seen other Chihuahuas use litter boxes. So, start them very young and yes, it’s very possible to litter box train a Chi. One word of warning though…you should never use cat litter in a Chi’s litter box. Purina makes dog litter and there is also litter that is made from recycled newspapers that will work great. But Chi’s have a difficult time with the dust from cat litter.


Q: Do puppy pads work?

A: Yes, they absolutely do work for MOST puppies. Many people have great success training their Chi puppies to use puppy pads. However, there are some who would rather use the pads as chew toys, and they will end up shredding them. For those puppies, try paper training instead. It may be something about the plastic or cotton on the pad that they don’t like. We haven’t quite figured it out yet.


Q: I’ve heard Chihuahuas do better in pairs. Is that true?

A: In our experience, yes…they do better in pairs. When you have two Chi puppies together, they keep each other company, making them less likely to cry at night when you first bring them home. Also, they learn from each other, making it easier to house train two of them together. Chihuahuas are very social and they love company, so they do very well in pairs. BUT, it should also be said that if you get a single Chihuahua, your Chi WILL housetrain. And he WILL stop crying at night from separation from his siblings. It just tends to go a little faster with two as opposed to one. A single Chi puppy WILL be just as happy and well adjusted as a pair would be.


five chihuahuas sitting together on a beach

Q: What size will my Chihuahua puppy be?

A: We get this question several times a day…this is by far the most asked question for us. The only answer that we can give that will be absolutely true is “we aren’t sure.” We can make an educated guess. That’s all any breeder can do. Most really reputable breeders will not guarantee size of a puppy because we cannot know for sure. We use a weight chart, and take the puppy’s weight and plot it on the chart. That, in combination with experience, gives us an educated guess that we can pass on to you. BUT, the chart and experience are not always right. There are just too many factors involved in determining a puppy’s size for us to try to guarantee it.


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